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Report Unlicensed Activity
County Contractor Licensing Investigator: 772-226-1960
State of Florida Unlicensed Activity Hotline: 1-866-532-1440
State of Florida Unlicensed Activity website, complaint forms, and information
Building Division


COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

Effective 12:00pm on Friday, March 20, 2020, the Department will only accept departmental permits and will conduct all departmental processes by phone, electronically, and/or by using one of our convenient Dropoff and Pick-up boxes in the Lobby of the County Administration Building.

While the Community Development Department's physical offices will be closed to the public, our employees will all be available via phone and via email and we will ensure that all residents and businesses may access the functions and information they need without person-to-person contact at the department offices. This includes obtaining information about, applying for, filing, and receiving building permits, temporary use permits, administrative approval permits, file or follow up on a code enforcement action, apply for housing assistance, and all other departmental functions.

While all-electronic formats are preferred at this time, paper applications will still be accepted in the lobby to minimize hardship for our applicants.

2019: Priority-Driven Inspection Scheduling for BRCOM Permits
All permits applied for on or after January 1, 2019 will be subject to priority-driven inspection scheduling. More 2019 BRCOM Inspection Scheduling Information

New 2017 6th Edition Florida Building Codes FBC
All Permit Applications applied for on or after January 2, 2018 must comply with the 2017 6th Edition Florida Building Code and all the referenced Standards. It is essential that applicants, design professionals, and contractors, stay current with information relating to code changes. It is your responsibility to comply with the applicable codes in effect for your project. The Building Division will release additional notices as information is provided pertaining to significant code changes.

FBC Energy Conservation Code Section R501.7 as it relates to Replacement Windows
Effective immediately, this office will be enforcing the requirements of Florida Building Code Energy Conservation Code section R507.1 as concluded by The Florida Building Commission in the subject DEC statement. The requirements of DS 2018-072 do not exempt renovated buildings. See FBC Energy Conservation Code section R101.4.2. More DS 2018-072 Information
Statement of Function
It is the responsibility of the County Building Division to enforce the Florida Building Codes required by the state and adopted by the County. The Division has jurisdiction within and serves the unincorporated county and the City of Vero Beach. The Florida Building Code covers all types of construction and includes provisions relating to plumbing, electrical, mechanical, building, and other activities, as well as Florida Accessibility Code and Florida Energy Code provisions. Enforcement involves reviewing building plans; issuing construction, repair, and demolition permits; conducting inspections; and conducting activities related to code compliance, contractor licensing, unlicensed and unpermitted activities. The Building Division is also responsible for enforcing the portions of the Indian River County Code relating to the condemnation of substandard and unsafe buildings by reason of dilapidation, obsolescence, abandonment, vandalism, inadequate and unsafe egress, and damage due to fire or accidents.

Business Hours
Phone: 772- 226-1260
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Phone: 772- 226-1260
Mon-Fri: 8:00 am– 4:00 pm
(Friday morning meeting 7:30-9:30)
Phone: 772-226-1275
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Notice: Due to current overall workload there will be a limit of 10 permits accepted per day from any one applicant/company. There is a reduced staff level from 11:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. daily due to County Administrative policy which requires staff to take their assigned lunch break during these hours.

2019/2020 Goals and Objectives

  • Continue organizational training program to provide redundancy in all procedural requirements.
  • Promote consumer protection by reducing and preventing unlicensed and unpermitted constructionactivity.
  • Continue providing in-house training for staff during bi-weekly meetings.
  • Maintain a customer friendly environment through excellent communication, high integrity, andprofessionalism in the office and in the field.
  • Continue educational program for licensed/certified staff by selecting and funding participation inrelevant courses.
  • Review all permit applications in a timely manner; improve permit experience for customers.
  • Conduct timely field inspections.
  • Continue to implement clear, concise written policies and procedures.
  • Promote a "team", "can do", and "how can we help" attitude and atmosphere.
  • Increase Contractor Licensing staff in-field hours to protect the general public and consumers fromunlicensed activity.
  • Continue implementing on-line and electronic permit and plan review systems and easy-to-accessinformation for customer convenience.
  • Conduct ride-a-long and audit inspections of both staff and supplemental inspectors promotingconsistency.
  • Continue looking into the use of drones for specialty roof and other type inspections.
  • Meet implementation date of July 1, 2020 for new Building Division permitting, inspection, reporting,licensing, electronic permitting, and electronic plan review systems in order to provide better customer service through simplified use, enhanced features, better tracking and additional features.
  • Implement a modern permit software for improved workflow that has a public use interphase, with aJuly 1, 2020 "go live" goal.